Summit Fire Protection is headquartered in St. Paul, MN and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SFP Holding, Inc. 

Alabama Sprinkler System Permit 3691
Arizona C-16 Fire Protection Systems 275324
Arkansas Fire Sprinkler Systems FSS-154
California C-16 Fire Protection Contractor 914879
Colorado Fire Suppression Systems 18-S-01187
Florida Fire Protection Contractor 847005-0001-2007
Georgia Fire Protection Contractor CL 000668
Idaho Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor FPSC-057
Illinois Fire Sprinkler Contracting FSC 0100
Indiana Certificate of Authority 2.00712E+12
Iowa Fire Extinguishing System Contractor FES-0858
Fire Alarm Contractor AS-0136
Kansas Certificate of Authority 4599783
Kentucky Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor S-032S
Louisiana Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishers F 2022
Maryland Sprinkler Contractor MSC-407
Massachusetts Sprinkler Contractor SC-210068
Michigan BFS Fire Suppression Systems-St Paul S-1150
BFS Fire Suppression Systems-Traverse City S-1216
BFS Fire Suppression Systems-Paw Paw S-0658
BFS Fire Suppression Systems-Luna Pier S-0064
BFS Fire Suppression Systems-Freeland S-0260
BFS Fire Alarm-Traverse City A-1227
BFS Fire Alarm-Luna Pier A-0064
BFS Fire Alarm-Freeland A-0260
Electrical Fire Alarm Contractor 5103395
Mechanical: Fire Suppression 7116988
Minnesota Fire Protection Contractor C075
Technology System Contactor TS773285
Missouri Certificate of Authority F00699079
Montana Fire Protection Entity FPL-BEL-000123
Nebraska Water-Based Fire Protection Contractor 06020
Nevada C-41 Contractors License 0081832
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems G-1056
New Hampshire Certificate of Authority 710029
New Jersey Fire Sprinkler System Contractor P01414
New Mexico Contractor MS12 387324
New York Certificate of Authority 80104000412
North Carolina Fire Sprinkler Installation Contractor 30010
North Dakota Contractors Class A 26908
Ohio Fire Protection Company 53 89 1537
Oklahoma Commercial Fire Sprinkler AC1801
Oregon Construction Contractor 174536
Pennsylvania Certificate of Authority 3749747
South Carolina Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor FSC 1572
South Dakota Certificate of Authority FB026326
Tennessee Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems 610
Contractors 74956
Texas Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Registration SCR-G-0895
Fire Alarm Certificate of Registration ACR-2074815
Fire Extinguisher Certificate of Registration ECR-2072491
Utah Contractors S370 6947320-5501
Virginia Contactors 2705 098923A
Washington Fire Sprinkler SUMMIFP931ML
Wisconsin Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractor 656060
Wyoming Certificate of Authority 2020-000918897

Summit Fire Protection maintains local jurisdictional licenses as required.